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Let Us Help You Save Time!

With our Envelope Addressing & Invitation Assembly services

Now it's easy to add an elegant touch to your wedding invitations with professionally printed envelopes from David's Bridal Addressing Services. Simply choose your font, create your guest list using our Inner and Outer templates and upload! You can preview and adjust each envelope too!

Addressing Services

Envelope Addressing Important Information:

  • Addressing Services are available for Inner envelopes and/or Outer envelopes during the personalization process.

  • Addresses and Names are printed in flat black ink.

  • Addressing prices are based upon the number of envelopes addressed. For example, envelopes are purchased in quantities of 25. If you provide only 20 names, you will receive 20 envelopes addressed and 5 envelopes blank.

  • Addressing Prices for envelopes: $1.00 per envelope. Final Pricing is shown in the personalization subtotal as well as in the shopping cart.

  • You may edit your guest list by returning to the Inner or outer envelope step in the personalization process and clicking on the 'edit' button. Be sure to save your changes before proceeding.

  • Download our Inner Sample Template or Outer Sample Template to populate with your guest list information. There is a maximum of 40 characters per line.

  • You may also upload your own excel (.xls) or comma delimited (.csv) file. The first row may contain column headings. If it does, be sure to check the 'This file has a header row.' checkbox. We recommend downloading and using our Sample files.

  • Each row represents one (1) envelope you are addressing. Guest and address information is entered left to right.

  • Addresses Services may not be available on certain envelopes.

  • See our Wording and Etiquette Hints as well as Addressing guidelines in Where to Start to help you prepare your address spreadsheet.

  • If at any time you have questions in preparing your spreadsheet, contact Customer Service at 888-314-5639. Or contact us via chat or email.

Tips for Setting up your spreadsheet:

We recommend you use our Inner Sample Template or Outer Sample Template for your guest list to ensure proper addressing. Our downloaded file follows the guidelines and examples shown below. Please call if you have questions: 888-314-5639.

Outer Envelope Addressing using the Excel template:

Outer Envelope Template Outer Envelope

Inner Envelope Addressing using the Excel template:

Inner Envelope Template Inner Envelope

Important Note: We are not responsible for any spelling or typing errors on your spreadsheet. Addresses will be printed exactly as typed. If revisions to the spreadsheet are necessary to create "post office ready" addresses, you will be informed and have the option of correcting and re-submitting, or asking us to make corrections for a fee of $65.00.

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Assembly Services are another fabulous time-saver for the busy bride-to-be. We can tie bows and ribbons, hand fold cards and wraps, assemble pocket invitations, insert invitations and cards, and even seal the deal (envelopes that is). Simply contact Customer Service at 888-314-5639 or complete your order and add a note in the Special Instructions box (found in the shopping cart) "I would like my invitations assembled." Customer Service will contact you to arrange the details.

Assembly Services

Save time and let David’s Bridal assemble your invitations.

When your invitation requires assembly — whether it's tying ribbons, adhering rhinestones or attaching multiple layers — we’re here to help! Let us assemble your invitations so you have more time for the exciting things in your wedding plans.

To order you can:

Add a note in the Special Instructions box (found in the shopping cart) you would like to be contacted regarding assembly services.


Contact us at 888-314-5639, via chat or email to begin the process. Please have your order confirmation number available when you call customer service.

  • Assembly Services can only be ordered through Customer Service. This service cannot be ordered online.

  • Assembly Services are available for Invitations.

  • See our pricing below.

  • Once you contact Customer Service, your order will be put on hold until Assembly Services are confirmed.

  • Please allow additional 3-5 business days from the time we confirm your invitation assembly order.

  • Assembly Services may not be available for all invitations. Customer Service will advise if your request cannot be completed.

  • If at any time you have questions, contact Customer Service at 888-314-5639. Or contact us via chat or email.

Assembly Prices

Customer Service will provide a final assembly price for your approval prior to any work being started. A final price will be determined by the invitation style and the assembly services selected.

Assembly Services Price
per 25
All Invitation TypesClassic  
Adhere self adhesive bow to invitation $41.00
Adhere rhinestones or pearls (max of 2) $41.00
Flat Card Invitations  
Wrap and tie ribbon around invitation $41.00
Folded Invitations  
Fold invitation and attach ribbon $50.00
Layered Invitations  
Attach insert card to base card (Glued) $41.00
Attach insert card to base card (Not Glued) $50.00
Wrap and Pocket Invitations  
Insert card(s) into pocket or wrap (Not Glued) $41.00
Hand fold wrap and insert invitation into wrap $50.00
Pocket invitations: Assemble (Not Glued) $65.00
Pocket invitations: Assemble and glue 1 layer $75.00
Pocket invitations: Assemble and glue 2 layer $80.00
Envelope Insertion  
Insert invitations and cards into envelopes $33.00
Insert invitations and cards into envelopes and seal the envelopes $41.00

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